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Current Road Status

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Current Fire Activity

Current fire activity and any impacts on road travel are shown on this Park Roads map. For detailed information about individual fires, see Current Fire Activity.

2015 Fall Closing Dates

2016 Spring Road Opening Dates

General Road and Entrance Information

Road Construction and Delays

2015 Scheduled Road Construction

Reference the numbered dots and map below to see where road construction is scheduled.

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General Road Construction Information

Road construction is perennial in Yellowstone National Park. In general, park roads have either been recently repaired or reconstructed, or are scheduled for repair or reconstruction. Approximately 80% of main park roads (about 185 mi or 295 km) are in a structurally deficient state, with poor quality road bases failing under the weight, speed, and volume of modern traffic for which they were not designed. Harsh winter weather and short construction seasons provide additional challenges.

These needs are now being addressed under a 20-year, $300 million Federal Lands Highway Program for Yellowstone National Park. In addition, park road repair crews will be working in other areas of the park throughout the seasons.

Yellowstone reconstructs its roads during the spring, summer and fall seasons, which means you will likely encounter delays depending on your destination. It's a good idea to check with our visitor centers or entrance stations for current information and possible delays.

Recommended Road and Construction Resources Before Traveling

Yellowstone Info

Information about our roads.

In the summer there is often road construction occurring on the roads leading to the park in the surrounding states.

Check below for numbers and websites with updated state road construction information.

Montana Info

Information about Montana road projects.

Wyoming Info

Information about Wyoming road projects.

Grand Teton National Park Info

Information about their roads.

Other Numbers to Call for Road Information

Did You Know?

The 1988 fires affected 793,880 acres or 36 percent of the park. Five fires burned into the park that year from adjacent public lands. The largest, the North Fork Fire, started from a discarded cigarette. It burned more than 410,000 acres.